The simplified DotNetNuke 6 user interface dramatically increases productivity by making it much easier to build and maintain Web sites. New pop-up dialogs, a new control panel, updated administration modules and mega-menus combine to deliver a highly modern platform for building and operating websites. The following features are excerpt from

A New Look
DotNetNuke 6 delivers a fresh new look out of the box with a great looking contemporary skin and a default site template that helps new users get started quickly. Using modern mega-menus and some lightweight containers, DotNetNuke 6 provides the perfect canvas on which to build your next web masterpiece.  

Fully Integrated
For the first time ever, the DotNetNuke Store ( and the Extensions Forge, with over 10,000 application extensions, are directly accessible from within the core DotNetNuke platform. The tight integration simplifies the process of finding, purchasing and installing DotNetNuke apps

DotNetNuke in the Cloud
DotNetNuke 6 delivers a platform that is fully compatible with Windows Azure Hosting and provides cloud service integration with the addition of the new Windows Azure Storage and Amazon S3 folder providers. DotNetNuke 6 provides a great foundation for moving to the cloud, whether you need to your whole site to live in the cloud or just your content.

DotNetNuke Commerce
DotNetNuke 6 Professional and Enterprise includes a great new eCommerce module that empowers organizations to quickly add eCommerce capabililities to their website. The new eCommerce module is designed for organizations seeking to deliver a small portfolio of digital goods and services to their end users and is built from the ground up with simplicity and customer experience in mind.

SharePoint Meets DotNetNuke
Available exclusively in the DotNetNuke Enterprise Edition, the Microsoft SharePoint Connector for DotNetNuke enables fast, secure publishing of documents stored in Sharepoint to public web sites, extranets or intranets. Organizations can securely manage their document library within SharePoint and selectively publish those documents using the flexible, cost effective DotNetNuke platform.

DotNetNuke Learns a New Language
DotNetNuke 6 has gotten a major new platform upgrade as the result of a complete conversion to C#. This language change will make it more accessible to a larger development community and allows us to leverage many development tools which have always had strong C# support. The C# version of DotNetNuke has been available for the past year and starting with DotNetNuke 6, it is officially the primary development language of the platform.

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