Excel Services is a new server technology included in MOSS 2007. There are three basic components to Excel Services that interact with each other and together form the overall structural design of Excel Services. These shared services enable you to load, calculate, and display Excel workbooks in a browser without writing any code. You can control which data is displayed and you can maintain a versioning of your Excel workbook.  The following article will explain briefly about utilising Excel Service, an advanced MOSS 2007 feature. If you need MOSS 2007 Hosting, you can always contact ASPHostCentral.com as you can always starts from as low as $30.00/month for MOSS 2007 service.

Excel Web Access (EWA) is a Web Part that allows a user to open an Excel workbook in a browser and allows users to interact with the workbook in the browser with the familiarity of the Excel client. It displays and enables interaction with the Microsoft Office Excel workbook in a browser by using Dynamic Hierarchical Tag Markup Language (DHTML) and JavaScript without the need for downloading ActiveX controls or additional software on the client computer. This component can also be connected to other Web Parts on dashboards and other Web Part Pages to provide more advanced capability

Excel Web Services (EWS) is a service used to programmatically access Excel workbooks stored in MOSS 2007. It allows developers to send parameters, retrieve results, and refresh calculations from Excel workbooks stored on a server. This Web service is hosted in MOSS and provides an application programming interface (API) to build custom applications based on the Excel workbook

Excel Calculation Services (ECS) is the “engine” of Excel Services that allows a user to load an Excel workbook from a trusted file location, and execute calculations in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 while it refreshes external data, and maintains sessions. Excel Calculation Services also has the ability to impersonate user credentials when a user accesses a workbook. To configure this you need to set the Windows Authentication option on the Excel Services Advanced Settings page

Because Excel Services is a component of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can also take advantage of many SharePoint technology features such as controlling security, versioning, and audience targeting

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