We will now look at the setup required on our Exchange server to complete the task; this is the same in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010.

The first step is to create a new send connector so in Exchange Management Console navigate to Organization Configuration|Hub Transport and click the send connectors tab. In the actions pane on the right click “New send connector”

Enter a descriptive name and select internal from the dropdown list then click next on the next screen you will have to enter the FQDN’s of your SharePoint server.

Click next; on the next screen enter the IP address of your SharePoint server and make sure that Route mail through the following smart host radio button is selected.

Click next; the next page asks about your authentication settings leave this at the default “None” selection.

Click next; At Twynham we have all the Exchange roles on one Exchange box so the next screen asks for the address of the hub transport server which should be picked up automatically during the setup of the send connector but you can add one manually

Click next and then new and finish your send connector for SharePoint is now setup and we can continue to the next step.